Age Of Empires I: Definitive Edition Released By Microsoft Studios

The critically-acclaimed 1997 real time strategy-based video game ‘Age Of Empires I’ was, at long last, remastered in 3D graphics and re-issued under the moniker ‘Age Of Empires I: Definitive Edition’ in February, 2018. After roughly 20 years since its initial release, it was announced back in June, 2017 at the year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo that the hugely popular first installment of the Age Of Empires franchise will be enhanced with 4K resolution graphics, a remastered soundtrack as well as other improvements related to the interface and overall user experience.

‘Age Of Empires I: Definitive Edition’ main menu user interface. Image source:

Set in the Ancient age, Age Of Empires I was a breakthrough in the real time strategy genre of PC games since its first release 20+ years ago. Briefly, the player can choose to be in command of some of the most exquisite ancient civilisations on both the European and Asian continents, including the Ancient Greeks and the Romans (the latter being included in the follow-up expansion pack entitled ‘The Rise Of Rome’ which was released in 1998).

Long time desired by fans worldwide to be remastered as its successor, Age Of Empires II, the definitive edition of Age Of Empires I clearly showcases a far more modern approach to the old school game that was released during the late 1990s, albeit retaining all of its previous original content, including the single player campaigns, each with their afferent scenarios.

Another good news for AOE fans is that both the second and third installment of the series will benefit from the same remastered treatment as the first title. In August, 2017 it was announced that both ‘Age Of Empires II: The Age Of Kings’ and ‘Age Of Empires III’ will be remastered as well (even though Age Of Empires II was released updated to an HD edition).

And if you thought the good news end here, hang on, because there’s another massive announcement out there, namely that Age Of Empires IV will finally get released at some point in the near future too. This time, the fourth installment of the series will be developed by Canadian developers Relic Entertainment. Here’s another reason to stay tuned for more!

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