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10 Illustrative Classic Rock Songs About The Middle Ages

Below you can find a list comprising 10 fine classic rock songs that reference, in a way or another, the Middle Ages, from instrumentation reminding of historical events that unfolded during bygone times to lyrical allusions concerning mythology, fantasy, and legends. 10. Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song A well-known classic from Led Zeppelin’s early catalogue,…

Íslandsklukkur – Instrumental Icelandic Folk Music

The folk music of Iceland has a long standing history, with many songs dating back to at least the 14th century. The main themes around which most of the folk compositions revolve are often represented by the Norse mythology (including mythical creatures such as elves or huldufólk – i.e. hidden people – as well as…

10 Scandinavian Artists You Should Listen To

Be it jazz, electronica, pop, or rock, Scandinavia has it all. If you’re a huge fan of the aforementioned musical genres, then you’ll certainly like the following 10 Scandinavian acts ranging from electronic music to jazz. The following list briefly describes 10 Scandinavian artists that you should really listen to in your some spare time….