The Icelandic National Football Team, Officially Qualified For EURO 2016 In France

Yesterday, September 6 2015, the national football team of Iceland managed to achieve its greatest performance to date, namely the qualification to EURO 2016 in France.

The forthcoming European championship will be hosted in France in the summer of 2016. Currently, three national teams are already mathematically qualified. Aside from Iceland, the Czech Republic and England got their tickets in advance to EURO 2016 as well.

The Icelandic fans cheering up for their national team. Image source:

After the goalless draw in Kazahstan this Sunday, Iceland secured its presence for the very first time at a major international football championship. The entire football world watched in astonishment as the match ended, culminating in the mathematical qualification for the remotely located country in the North Atlantic Ocean. After this match, Iceland tops Group A of the EURO 2016 qualifiers, with only two more games to play.

But what could be the secret behind this astonishing performance for such a small nation? In reality, there’s nothing that seems to be hidden away from our eyes. It’s evidently enough the pragmatic management done by a professional coach. One could also mention the rise of a ‘golden generation’ that led this country towards the next European football championship, a dream at long last fulfilled for all Icelandic football fans.

Thus, Iceland will be the smallest nation ever to compete at a major international football championship by qualifying to EURO 2016 in France. In this respect, it is important to mention that Iceland’s population does not surpass 330,000 inhabitants, with the vast majority of them (roughly 200,000) residing in the metropolitan area of the capital city, Reykjavík.

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