The Icelandic Eruption – Trailer

The Icelandic national football team, while mostly modest judging by the vast majority of the results from the previous qualifying stages of the past European and international football tournaments, has been steadily achieving international acclaim since the end of the 1990s in both UEFA and FIFA competitions.

The Icelandic national football team had managed for the very first time in its football history to reach the play-offs of a major football tournament in 2014, when they were really close to progressing to the final stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, before eventually being defeated by the national football team of Croatia.

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During the qualifying campaign for the 2016 UEFA EURO in France, the national football team of Iceland managed to win over some important European teams such as the Netherlands or the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, at the end of the qualifying stage the Icelandic national football team managed to secure its spot in the final stage of the European tournament held in France in 2016, ending qualifying group A on the second place, two points behind the Czech Republic. Thus, for the first time in its history, Iceland qualified for a major football tournament.

The trailer of the documentary below depicts the success story behind the Icelandic national football team during the 2016 UEFA Euro qualifying stages. Uploader’s note: Documentary in the making about the Icelandic national football team and how they qualified for Euro 2016.

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