The Legendary Football Match Between The Faroe Islands And Austria

The national football team of the Faroe Islands, although mostly modest in results, managed in the passing of time to obtain critical acclaim through some stunning results. The Faroe Islands Sports Association was formed in 1939. Since then, the National League was created in 1942 while cup competitions were introduced as early as 1955.

From the 1930s towards the late 1980s the national football team of the Faroe Islands had been playing unofficial friendly games against the following sides: the Orkneys, the Shetlands, Greenland, Iceland as well as Denmark U-21. In 1988 the Faroe Islands became a FIFA member, and two years later a UEFA member. To date, the Faroe Islands are the fourth smallest UEFA country by population.

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In spite of the fact that they never reached the final stages of any FIFA or UEFA major tournament, the Faroe Islands managed to produce a surprise during the 1992 UEFA Euro qualifying campaign where they managed to score and even win against the national football team of Austria.

The match took place on September 12, 1990 on Landskrona Idrottsplats stadium in Landskrona Sweden (because of the fact that at the time there were no grass pitches in the Faroes). The sole goal of the match was scored by Torkil Nielsen, who played for two Faroese clubs, SÍF Sandavágur (between 1987-1993) and FS Vágar (between 1994-97; 1999-2001; 2003 and once again in 2007).

The fact that the amateur footballers of the Faroe Islands managed to win over a side of professionals triggered a big party home and a warm welcoming on September 13, 1990 at Vágar international airport and all the way to Tórshavn. Since then, the Faroe Islands managed to produce other shocks in the football world by beating the national football team of Greece twice, both home and away, during the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying stages.

Below you can watch a short video on how Faroe Islands managed to win over Austria in 1990.

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