Dragon Ball Legends Characters Guide

It is well known that Dragon Ball Legends is a gacha card game. The cards you’re going to summon are also the characters in this game. With these characters, you build a team and play against other players. At this point, there are around 580 characters in Dragon Ball Legends. So naturally, there need to be multiple ways to differentiate these characters, right? These Dragon Ball characters are differentiated by rarity, colors, and tags. These attributes are not just for the namesake; they determine the strengths and weaknesses of the characters.

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So, in this guide, let us learn about the Dragon Ball Legends characters. This guide intends to help you understand how these characters work so that it will help you form your team. Tired of grinding the game and still unable to get your favorite characters? Buying an account is the best solution for you! Check out U7BUY and buy a Dragon Ball Legends account for sale today! U7BUY offers tons of farmed accounts with amazing characters and thousands of Chrono Crystals for the cheapest price, so make sure to visit and buy an account!

Dragon Ball Legends Character Rarity

Here are the highest-to-lowest rarities in DBL: Ultra, Legends Limited, Sparkling, Extreme, and Hero.

Ultra: These are the rarest characters in Dragon Ball Legends. There is a very low percentage of chance to summon these characters. These ultra-characters are also the strongest among all the rarities.

Legends Limited: This is the second-best rarity and there are only 59 characters with this tag. These characters are also pretty strong and hard to achieve.

Sparkling: 3rd best rarity. These are probably the most used characters in the game. They are not hard to summon and there are a lot of good characters under the sparkling rarity.

Extreme: These are uncommon characters. Good for situational use only.

Hero: In a way, these are the worst characters in the game. They are either unusable or not useful at all.

Dragon Ball Legends Character Tags

All of these characters are further assigned tags. For example Android, God Ki, Son Family, Vegeta clan, etc. These tags provide bonuses to other characters with the same tag. For example, let’s take the Android tag. If you have multiple characters with the Android tag, they get up to 38% base blast defense during the battle. It is very important to keep these tags in mind when creating your team.

Dragon Ball Legends Character Colors

Each character in Dragon Ball Legends is assigned a color. You can call these colors or elements. There are five primary colors in this game: red, yellow, purple, green, and blue. There are also Light and Dark but those are reserved for NPCs and not available for playable characters.

These elements or colors, determine the character’s strengths and weaknesses against other colors.

  1. Red is stronger than Yellow and weaker than Blue.
  2. Yellow is stronger than Purple and weaker than Red.
  3. Purple is stronger than green and weaker than Yellow.
  4. Green is stronger than Blue and weaker than Purple.
  5. Blue is stronger than red and weaker than Green.

Dark is stronger than all the above elements but weak against Light.


These are the main attributes that determine a character’s strengths and weaknesses in Dragon Ball Legends. Lower rarity doesn’t always mean bad characters. Sometimes, there are much better characters in the Sparkling rarity than Ultra; it’s situational and depends on your team. You must remember all these when summoning characters and also while creating your team. U7BUY is a safe and trusted platform for buying game accounts. Check out the best Valorant, Genshin Impact, League of Legends, Clash of Clans and so many more game accounts for the best price here: more game accounts to buy.

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