Comic Map Of Europe According To The Vikings (Circa 1000)

Disclaimer: This article is nothing more but a mere pamphlet, thus it should be treated in a purely humorous manner and not otherwise. The following map portrays, in a strikingly comic way, the perception of the Norsemen (Vikings) about medieval Europe in the year 1000.

Europe according to the Vikings at the round of the 11th century, as designed in a map by Yanko Tsvetkov from Atlas of Prejudice 2: Chasing Horizons. Image source:

Comic map of Europe according to the Vikings at the round of the 11th century, as designed by Yanko Tsvetkov and selected from ‘Atlas of Prejudice 2: Chasing Horizons’. Image source:


1) The Viking Realms (i.e. Denmark, Norway and Sweden); Norway – Explorers, southern Sweden (marked with blue) – Traders, rest of Sweden (marked with grey) – Elves (this could be partly in reference to the Sámi people), Denmark – Looters;

2) Modern Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg – Retarded cousins;

3) Most of modern France, northern Spain and Andorra – House of Cards;

4) Modern Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and northern Italy – Sexually repressed freaks;

5) Modern Hungary, Slovakia and northern Serbia – Fallen Heroes (in reference to the Huns);

6) Most of the Balkan peninsula – Bed and breakfast (in reference to raids and plundering);

7) Modern Turkey, Greece, significant parts of Bulgaria as well as Cyprus and southern Italy – Supermarket (in reference to the trading links);

8) The Mediterranean Sea – Sea of Sweaty Peoples;

9) Modern Belarus as well as significant parts of Poland and Russia – Camping site (partly in reference to the journeys of the Swedish Vikings on the course of the river Volga);

10) Most of the Iberian peninsula (most of modern Spain and Portugal as well as Gibraltar) – People with manners (likely in reference to the Moors);

11) The modern Baltic states (i.e. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) – Wild relatives;

12) Most of modern Finland – Trolls;

13) The North Sea – American Highway (in reference to the journeys of the Norwegian Vikings);

14) Iceland – Hollywood (in reference to the Icelandic sagas);

15) From most of modern Poland to northern Iberia – Third world;

16) Orient Express – The route of the Swedish Vikings in Eastern Europe during the early Middle Ages;

17) Some northern parts of both Germany and Poland – Wild Slavs;

18) England – Our Bitches (that is, until the Battle of Stamford Bridge).

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  1. Wendy Pierce says:

    This is one is one of the most devine things ever. I love this so much! Laughing all night. Thank you. Please make more & often, the USA needs an update of such in great detail. Again, I salute you on on this map.

  2. Darcy says:

    Thank you for this good post. I was wondering whether you were planning of publishing related posts to this. Keep up writing superb articles!

  3. Charlotte says:

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  4. Paula says:

    please change nr. 15…Portugal is no where near the Czech Republik… You got mixed up, thank you for correcting it!

    • Victor Rouă says:

      Yes, it is a slight error there, I apologise… In the key, I meant from Poland to northern Portugal (Iberia actually). Hope that makes more sense. I corrected it in the meantime. Thank you for mentioning it and for your readership! 🙂

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