Medieval Mod For 0 A.D. Video Game – Millennium A.D.

Millennium A.D. is a total conversion mod pack made for the free and open source real time strategy video game 0 A.D. which introduces two brand new playable civilisations (for the current version), specifically the Anglo-Saxons and the Norsemen. It resets the timeline of the original game from Antiquity to the medieval era.

Screenshot of the re-designed main menu in Millenium AD. Image source:

Consequently, the mod focuses on the early Middle Ages. with the developers’ team willing to gradually add even more factions in the forthcoming versions. The mod enables as such a timeline reset for the game from late Antiquity to firstly 500–1000 AD (a timeframe corresponding to the early Middle Ages) and then once more to 1000–1500 AD (corresponding to the late Middle Ages and the onset of the Renaissance).

Screenshot of an Anglo-Saxon fortified town. Image source:

The main menu was also changed and the wallpaper used for it was made by the DeviantArt user Alex van der Linde. The team of developers are currently also looking for some new members to help them out with graphics. Therefore, they’re seeking for graphic artists who can help them in the prospect of modelling new units and buildings (at the moment mostly with a focus on the Carolingian Empire).

Screenshot of a Norse longhouse. Image source:

Lately, the online repository of the mod on GitHub has been constantly updated with more and more medieval content describing, among others, that the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire will also be taken into account when releasing new versions.

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