What Do You Need To Get Into Princeton?

The period when students begin their admissions is amongst the most stressful. It would be great if one automatically gets entry into their dream university, but we all know things are much more complicated.

For instance, many visualize getting into Princeton, one of the world’s most prestigious and competitive places. It is known for its low acceptance rates and exceptional majors.

But is it impossible to get admission into the campus? The short answer is no. However, innumerable people do not even attempt to apply to such an esteemed institute, fearing rejection.

It is important to note that getting into Princeton is difficult but possible. With adequate resources and documents, you will have a chance at it.

Hence, this article elaborates on the means of getting into the university and the steps you should take.

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How to get into Princeton?

The key to getting admission into any school is ensuring you have completed all standardized tests and study material necessary. Due to COVID-19, standardized exams are not a mandatory part of the application.

However, an adequate preparation is a must. Taking a course to prepare for your exam is a very good idea, but various online resources exist, so which one to choose? We know two companies that can really help, Princeton Review and PrepExpert. And students can learn more in this Prep Expert vs Princeton Review guide about their courses, prices, and programs. Choose the program of study that is right for you.

It is vital to highlight the foundation you need for acceptance. Firstly, you should have four years of English, including a solid writing ability.

Moreover, each student must obtain four years in each mathematics and one other language. As for science, your education should provide you with two years of laboratory science.

Lastly, a history class for two years would satisfy your history requirements. Another notable fact is that most admitted individuals have a background in visual arts.

What do you need to get into Princeton?

The first item to remember is that admission is incredibly competitive. To get into Princeton, you must excel academically, artistically, personally, and recreationally. Even the SAT scores are sky-high for accepted individuals. The middle 50% scored between 760-800 in their math section and 730-780 in the reading.

But it would be best if you did not lose hope. With adequate preparation, your chances of acceptance increase considerably. Below are our top tips to improve your academic chances of approval.

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Keep striving for better academic performance

The better you achieve in your advanced courses, the higher your GPA. When you raise your GPA, the chances of getting into any college will increase. However, this applies to Princeton, as the competition is incredibly tough. Most candidates apply with a GPA of 4.0 or one close enough to that. While that does not guarantee admission, it does increase the chances of getting in.

Bolstering your application with a high GPA will grant you an advantage over other candidates. Start your junior year and speak with an advisor if you are unsure how to improve your grades.

Shine in your Essays

Being an exceptional writer will come in handy in this part of the application. You will have to supply supplemental essays as part of the form. Writing about your achievements will not benefit you. Instead, aim to reflect your depth of thought and your writing talents.

Your resume should not be the subject of conversation. You will supply enough material to prove your other activities. Focus on aspects of your life that altered your way of living, or dwell on a particular life-shaping event. You can also focus on topics that spark passion within you.

An unusual request from Princeton is the graded written paper. This is a sample you created in school. It often is an essay that your instructor graded in your secondary education. If you have graduated already, you must contact your institute to submit one of your papers.

Know how to pick recommenders

Not any teacher provides a beneficial recommendation letter. The issue here is that you will never be able to alter the letter’s contents.

Hence, choosing your recommender wisely is necessary. Suppose you have forged a meaningful connection with a tutor, request one from them.

Then, aim to find someone who knows you well enough to analyze you. This provides a more detailed insight into who you are as a student.

Think like Princeton

According to its official website, Princeton seeks individuals with “intellectual curiosity, who have pursued and achieved academic excellence.” They also emphasize the advantage of other achievements, including recreational and personal ones.

So, if you put yourself in the shoes of the admission board, what traits would you search for in a candidate? Being a high achiever with exceptional communication skills comes to mind. As the research and academic life on campus are stellar, they aim to admit individuals who will enhance the existing resources and research.

There is a wide range of activities that will benefit you. However, do more than initiate a community service activity to bolster your application. Whatever training you pursue should be one you are enthusiastic about.

Hence, in your application, you will portray your leadership skills, community work, personal accomplishments, and extracurriculars. Throughout high school, aim to be a student who continuously strives for greatness.

Ensure any activity you partake in is one you enjoy. That allows you to utilize it to drive your passion, a trait Princeton loves to witness.

Bottom line

No path will lead you to an infallible entry to Princeton. Instead, all you can do is prepare for your application. Throughout your high school years, you should strive for greatness. This often translates into increasing your GPA, taking standardized tests early, and participating in various extracurricular activities.

However, that will not guarantee acceptance. Princeton has previously accepted individuals from all over the world, with varying scores.

Even if you attempted your ultimate best but found yourself not excelling as other candidates are, do not lose hope. If your grades are not remarkable, focus on your essays, SATs, and recommendation letters.

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