What Makes Buddha Statues A Unique Gift To So Many People?

Be it birthday, anniversaries, weddings, or even the act of just existing calls for surprise gifts and tokens of appreciation.  However, with companies commercialising the art of gift-giving, more people are now searching for unique items to gift their loved ones.

Tiny Buddha golden statue. Image source: www.unsplash.com

One such revered item on the list is Buddha statues. You would have noticed the tranquil Buddha or the jesting and happy laughing Buddha in many homes, restaurants, and public places.  But have you thought about gifting the statue to anyone? Here is why Buddha statues make a unique choice as a gift.

It Is An Authentic Piece Of Art

Now, personalised and customised gifts are taking the world by storm, and more people perceive the act of gifting as something more than just a custom. One such custom-defying and unique gift, which also remains an authentic piece of art, is Buddha statues.

When you bestow a Buddha statue as a gift to your loved ones, you present them motivation and inspiration in disguise. Why do you want to gift something commercial when you can offer a prized possession in the form of art?

It Is More Than A Symbol Of Faith

It is not necessary that you have to give Buddha statues to those who follow Buddhism as a religion. More than a form of religion, Buddhism is a state of mind and philosophy. Even if the recipients are not strictly Buddhists, you do not have to hesitate when gifting Buddha statues. 

Even people who follow the Buddhist religion are not expected to visit the temples regularly. Gifting them a Buddha statue helps them create a meditative sanctuary in their own space.

Buddha Statues and Feng Shui

Among the many schools of feng shui, the BTB Feng Shui School is wholly rooted in Tibetan Buddhism. Besides being a symbol and a spiritual reminder, a Buddha statue can also be used as iconography for Feng Shui.

If your loved ones practice Feng Shui, then presenting them a Buddha statue as a gift will benefit them in various ways. Rather than gifting them something generic, Buddha’s statue will help the recipients practice the Feng Shui principles better.

More Options In Different Forms

Buddha statues which come in different forms, signify different meanings. Gifting someone a statue in which Buddha is in a mediation pose will help them create a meditative corner in their own space where they can de-stress.

Presenting a Blessing Buddha or a Protection Buddha as a gift is similar to giving them a symbol of blessing. As Protection Buddha offers safety from delusions and fear and represents courage, anyone receiving it as a gift will forever feel grateful to the one who gave it to them.

It Invites Positivity and Wellness

Besides being a great décor accessory, Buddha idols also add wellness, positivity, and calmness to the home. Buddha has been associated with peace and tranquility for a very long time, which is one reason why Buddha statues make a unique gift.

Gifting someone a Buddha statue will help them achieve happiness and inner peace, which is the pathway to a happy life.

It Will Be a Reflection of Buddhist Philosophies

In Buddhism, charity and gift-giving are inherent philosophies. Also known as dana, Buddha advocates generosity as a selfless and great deed. So, when you gift Buddha statues to people, along with the recipient, you will also benefit from the act of giving.

The receiver gets a chance to explore Buddha’s teachings while you get the satisfaction of giving along with true reflection and confidence.

It is time you throw away the old “list of gifts” and choose a unique and meaningful one that can change your loved ones’ lives. Find a reliable online seller to surprise your loved one with an authentic Buddha statue.

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