5 Absolutely Wonderful Reasons To Take Online Guitar Lessons

When you are passionate about playing the guitar, taking in-person classes may be one of the best ways to explore your passion. But if that is not possible, you don’t need to put your dreams on hold. Consider enrolling in online guitar lessons to continue your music practice and improve your skills. Today’s technology helps you learn your favourite musical instrument from the safe confines of your home. Here are five ways in which online classes for guitar learning will benefit you:

Learn To Play The Guitar Comfortably From Your Home

Taking guitar lessons online means you don’t have to commute long distances and spend time in traffic. You need a computer, or sometimes you can even get started with your smartphone or tablet. You also need to get accustomed to the platform where the lessons are available.

Blue Fender Stratocaster electric guitar on a musically-themed desk. Image source: www.pixabay.com

Just make sure the screen resolution is high and your internet connection is stable and you are good to go. You can even plug your ethernet cord into the laptop directly to boost the internet speed. This way, you can ensure that there are no interruptions while your tutor’s live video is streaming.

The best part of online lessons is that you can find real guitar teachers from anywhere in the world. This factor saves the hassle of hunting down guitar pros in your locality (all the more during the harsh COVID-19 times we currently live in).

You Can Save Valuable Time To Spend With Your Family

If you work or attend school, you already juggle a full schedule. Moreover, there will be deadlines that you cannot miss. Upon that, if you try to squeeze in your guitar lessons and travel time, it can be quite challenging.

With online lessons, you can learn guitar without wasting time on unnecessary activities like commuting. You remain fresh when you stay home and don’t have to face the rush hour traffic. You can save at least 30 minutes, even if your tutor’s home is a block away.

This duration can be well-spent in music practice, study, work, or getting some quality time with family. Besides, you can perform in front of your friends and family and get their feedback and encouragement. More importantly, you can take on-demand classes if you ever find extra time.

You Have More Options To Select A Teacher Or Program Of Your Choice

When you go to a local guitar teacher, you will settle for their teaching style, speed, etc. You may not have much choice to pick a genre you like. They’ll mostly teach you what they know. And since you don’t have many options, you stick with them.

Enrolling in an online music program helps you choose from hundreds or thousands of guitar teachers (e.g. Yousician). You can even get a trial lesson from a prospective music teacher before paying money. See if they specialise in a specific technique and genre, such as classical, blues, or rock. Make sure they understand your goals and be clear about the kind of criticism you want – strict, lenient, encouraging, and so on.

Finally, online guitar learning websites have a variety of programs suited to learners of different skill levels. Whether you are 15 or 70, you can learn at your own pace at beginner or intermediate-levels.

Online Guitar Lessons Are Customisable And Highly Effective

Compared to group guitar lessons, private online music classes provide personalised attention to the students. While you may also get the same in private, in-person classes, here, you have more resources. You can access the vast online libraries, sheet music, and other resources, which don’t come with traditional methods.

Tutors allow you to take your time to learn and master what they teach. They provide the needed guidance and offer effective tips for your learning style and speed. Besides, there won’t be any distractions that you see in a regular classroom environment.

Whether you are looking for motivation or a certain charisma in a teacher, try the free classes. Most online guitar lessons have free demos so that you can decide if you can invest in a teacher.

Record Your Guitar Learning Sessions To Check Your Progress

Many websites that offer online guitar classes make it easy for students to record their one-on-one sessions. When you play these videos, you will understand where you need to improve.

If you have missed or misunderstood something during your lessons, your recordings will help you locate it. They make your music practicing assignments much easier later on. But make sure to take your teacher’s permission before hitting the record button.

Remember your tutor’s feedback, apply it in your practice, and compare it with how you are currently playing. They can also offer advanced learning techniques and practical tips to see speedy results.

By Erica Jones

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