5 Reasons to Choose a Black Wedding Color Scheme

We’ve associated weddings with the pure and pristine color white since 1840 when Queen Victoria strolled down the aisle in her Honiton lace gown. Since then, the matrimonial tradition has remained obsessed with white weddings. However, if you’re an edgier or non-traditional bride, you might have something a little darker in mind.

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If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of a black wedding color scheme, why not give your black heart what it’s yearning for? Below, we’ve compiled the five most compelling reasons to consider a black theme during your wedding planning process. Read on to learn how to feature dark hues and remain classy.

1. Versatile Black Looks Great on Everyone

Look, we’ve all seen 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl. Remember her tacky, overstuffed closet full of eccentric bridesmaid’s dresses that she’d only worn once? Don’t do that to your bridesmaids.

When you shop for black bridesmaid dresses, you’re choosing a dress that is sleek, slimming, elegant, and has major re-wear value. Plus, black won’t look out of place at a formal wedding. It’s a great way to blend a traditional aesthetic with a non-traditional color scheme, so you get what you want without completely rocking the boat.

2. It’s a Bold Neutral

Most wedding planners recommend that brides include one to two neutral hues in their wedding color scheme. That way, you’ll have an easier time ensuring everything coordinates, even if you can’t find tablecloths or napkins in one of your bolder colors. Incorporating black into your color scheme adds a bold contrast that’s easy to pair with other colors—everything matches black, after all!

3. You Love Halloween

Perhaps you were a bit goth growing up, or maybe you’re just Halloween-obsessed. Either way, if your black heart yearns for an autumnal wedding with dark and spooky details, there are classy ways to achieve it. Black is the perfect thematic anchor for your Fall wedding and will make those mums and pumpkins pop.

4. You’re Into the White Tie Thing

A white tie affair is the strictest dress code for weddings and events—think “White House State Dinner.” You can elevate your aesthetic by enforcing a simple, black-and-white dress code for your wedding party. Simplicity is often the key to understated elegance.

5. Nothing Beats Black Flowers

Contemporary greenhouses can breed gorgeous flowers in bespoke colors. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the stunning depth of a Blackberry Petunia or Before the Storm Iris in the flesh. A black wedding color scheme means you can incorporate those hypnotizing black floral elements into your arrangements, and they won’t look out of place.

The Edgy, Elegant Black Wedding Color Scheme

A black wedding color scheme or theme isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for you, there’s no reason to stay traditional out of a sense of propriety. Contemporary weddings are full of personality. If you choose the wedding colors that make you happy, you’ll never regret your phenomenal day.

Image source: www.pixabay.com

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