5 Useful Tips For Converting Your Images Into Editable Form

You might come across plenty of instances where you have to cover images having text on them in an editable format. The most common type of conversion that you might have to make today is an image to Word. You should know that converting images to text is not easy, especially if you don’t know about online converters. In this article, we will list out the best tips that would help you convert jpg into word formats. So stop dwelling and read this post!

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Useful tips to change images to editable formats!

Here are some tips that can help you change images to an editable format like MS Word.

1. Ensure that the image having text in it is of high quality

It doesn’t matter whether you use online tools or offline apps to convert jpg to Word. You have to religiously make sure that the image you want to change is clear and of good quality. Low quality or blurry images cannot be detected and understood by the OCR tech and tools, so it can be difficult to convert these kinds of images. If the quality of the image is up to the mark and the text on it is readable, you can change it to Word or TXT with any medium you feel comfortable with!

2. Use the best online converter to change an image to Word

Today you have online tools and great online converters that can help you convert jpg into word format.. Online tools like the jpg to word converters use OCR technology to retrieve text from an image and change it into editable word format. Usually, images are saved in jpg format. So you have a jpg image that you want to convert to Word or text format, and then you can use an online jpg to doc converter.

JPG to text converters are very easy to use. You have to open the jpg to word converter on your browser and enter the image in the tool. After completing the input, you need to click on the ‘convert’ button. The tool would convert the image into an editable format in less than seconds. You can also use a free PDF editor and form filler website such as pdfescape.

3. Take help from Google docs to convert jpg to text

If for some reason, you don’t want to use jpg to Word or any other OCR online tool, then you can take help from Google docs. Google doc is a tool used to create new documents, but you can also convert images to Word or text Docx format. To change an image to a word with this method, you need to open Google Drive and sign in.

You have to use the upload options and drop the image files on your account on the drive. Once the image is uploaded, you have to right-click on it, and you will see the ‘open with’ option pop up in the list. Click on this option and select “Google docs” from the list. Google docs would analyze the image file; detect its font size, type, and colors used in words on the image. After analyzing and recognizing all text on the file, it would simply open the image in Docx format to easily edit the text.

4. Download converter apps for offline conversions

If you don’t want to take the online route for converting images to Word, you can also do it offline. But for that, you need to install a converter application on your device. There are dozens of different online OCR apps that you can install on your desktop and mobile phones. These offline apps can easily change your images to Word or textual format within less than seconds. App-based converter utilities can help you with both partial and batch conversions.

5. Manually write down text from an image

If you don’t have a web connection to use an online tool and don’t want to install a software program to convert a few sentences to Word, you must invest some personal effort. Open up the image on your device and open a blank word document adjacent to it. Type down all visible text that you find on the image. This is a basic way of converting images, yet it is very accurate if you don’t rush the typing process. This method is ideal for converting images into a few words or sentences.

Some common benefits of converting images to text!

  • You can easily get access to the text on the file. Converting images to Word helps you edit and change the document.
  • Images are large, so converting them to Word or text would help you store important textual information in a compact format.
  • You can easily search through textual data because of this conversion.

Depending on your situation, there are many more unsaid advantages of converting images to Word. The above-listed tips would help you change images to Word in different ways. Still, we recommend using online jpg to word converter because they are more accurate and efficient in their work!

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