5 Very Efficient Tips To Choosing The Best Headphones

The global headphone unit shipments have significantly grown over the past few years, with 2020 recording 549 million headphones being shipped globally. Headphones are a popular listening accessory, and brands regularly release new models to cater to this growing demand.

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With options galore, how do you go about selecting the right headphone? What factors should you consider when choosing the best Yamaha headphone? This article will provide you with a few tips that will simplify your purchase process.

Type of Headphone

The three main types of headphones you can choose from are:

  • In-ear
  • On-ear
  • Over-ear

If you go by the anecdotal recommendation of audiophiles, over-ear is the most comfortable type of headphones that offers superior sound quality. They entirely encompass your ear and provide excellent sound isolation.

Comfort and Fit

A headphone should be comfortable when worn for longer periods. If the headband is too stiff or the ear cups do not have sufficient padding, you will feel discomfort and eventually avoid using the headphone. Search for headphones that come with a padded headband and swiveling ear cups.

Weight is another factor that you should consider. If you are using headphones for longer periods, for example, recording at your home studio or while gaming, opt for lightweight headphones.


How do you connect your headphones to the audio source? Do you prefer wired headphones or want to go hands-free with wireless headphones? Wired headphones have the reputation of offering better sound quality, but with the advancements in Bluetooth technology, the quality provided by wireless models is not far behind.

The advantage of selecting the best Yamaha headphone is that you get the latest version of the Bluetooth communication standard and the option of connecting to an audio source with the minim-plug provided.

Advanced ANC

Active noise cancellation (ANC) is a feature that customers expect even from budget-friendly earphones. The whole experience of listening to music, podcasts, or watching videos wrapped in your world sounds relaxing.

The issue with standard ANC headphones is that they reduce ambient noise, but they also affect the sound quality. Look for advanced ANC headphones that can process and isolate noise without degrading audio quality.

Listening Optimizer

Listening optimizer is an innovative technology that takes stock of your headphone fit in real-time and optimizes the sound quality for an improved listening experience. A single headphone will not fit all customers the same way as the ear anatomy will differ from one person to another.

The technology uses the microphone to take continuous real-time measurements and accordingly apply a quick correction to make the sound appear seamless. So basically, the headphones adjust the sound according to the individual using the accessory.

If top-notch quality is what you seek, a listening optimizer is a feature you must have in your headphone.

When picking a headphone, understand how you will be using the accessory. For example, if you are traveling, you need to buy a wired headphone or wireless one that has long battery life. Other factors, comfort, fit, durability, and advanced features like ANC and listening optimizer, would help you choose the best headphone.

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