Best Extracurricular Activities That Boost Your College Application

College applications provide an excellent opportunity for interested students to pursue their education in institutions of higher learning. Unfortunately, college applications are very competitive, and candidates should submit their best application. While you should focus on and upload the best of your academic qualifications, you should also focus on extracurricular activities.

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Selection panels use details filled in extracurricular activities to gather insights on individual applicants. Below are crucial extracurricular activities that can increase your chances of being accepted into American International University and other learning institutions.

1. Leadership activities

You should include proof of leadership activities in your application form. Most universities and institutions of higher learning look for leadership potential in applicants. Including these activities in your application form helps you stand out from the competition. Leadership activities include elective posts you’ve held in schools, leading a school club or organization, a sports team, your local group at home, or a senior position at work. Universities prefer students with initiative and confidence to lead projects.

2. Work Experience

While work experience is best for job resumes, you should include it in your college application. Including your work experience in your college application adds some points. Work experience, be it part-time or full-time application, demonstrates that you are responsible. Work experience also shows that you have time management and collaborative skills.

Working as an employee of a small or established company helps individuals gain valuable experience, regardless of their work environment. You’ll develop important experience in professional settings, which gives you an edge compared to others without such exposure. Don’t forget to mention how long you’ve worked, your positions, and notable achievements.

3. Technological skills

While universities expect applicants with stellar basic skills, such as online research, typing skills, and knowledge of common software programs, technological skills are also important. Mentioning that you are proficient in computer programming and other technological skills boosts your application resume.

Demonstrating these skills means you’ve invested time and effort into challenging learning activities. Besides improving the outlook of your resume, these skills are also important in college.

4. Academic Clubs and Teams

College applications shouldn’t focus solely on your grades. Proof of involvement in academic teams and clubs also increases the chances of being accepted into the university. High school academic groups help students deepen their understanding of specific subjects and pursue interests. Including these in your application demonstrates your strong interest in specific subjects and eagerness to improve specific skills.

Creative Pursuits

Besides extracurricular activities tied to your chosen area of academic interest, college selection panels also prefer well-rounded individuals with diverse interests. Including creative pursuits in your application is a great way of showing this. Mention if you were part of a performing arts or theater group. These interests show your curiosity and dedication to developing skills and talents.


While extracurricular activities are basically hobbies, they have an impact on your college application. They also help you stand out in college job fairs. Institutions of higher learning use these proficiencies to evaluate students’ general abilities and characteristics, such as working as a team or learning new skills. Most colleges prefer well-rounded students who can engage in other activities beyond classroom work.

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