How To Make A Successful Writing Plan For Your First Novel


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How To Create A Writing Plan

Creating a writing plan can be a daunting task. The snowflake method is popular among the writers in creating a writing plan. You first need to develop a basic idea around which the novel revolves. After that, you can gradually add details about the character. Begin with a short description of the novel identifying the goal, setting, character, and conflict. After that, write a two-line description of each component. Then you can write a little more description in order to turn it into a short paragraph.

Planning A Novel

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Planning is vital before starting any written project (and novel writing is no different). You need to identify the central theme of your story and the characters. As you start writing the novel, the plot may slightly change but the central idea should remain the same.

How To Write A Novel

You can explore different articles on the web on the ‘how to write a novel’. Time spent on reading material related to your theme can be a great idea. This way, you can understand more about popular topics in a particular genre. Read other novels and gain inspiration from them about crafting a story. Pay attention to the little details highlighted in the books. You can even use writing tools or online resources for generating ideas.

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Additionally, it is essential to create short-term and long-term goals. Set deadlines and schedule your writing time as well. It can help you in writing a fixed word count every day. Create rough drafts for exploring different plot ideas. Afterwards, you can slightly edit them at a later stage. Furthermore, you can also track the progress of your novel on a day to day basis.

You can keep your writing motivation going by using a formatting tool or writing software. As a writer, you can also use some of the online resources such as:

  • 750 Words: This is a useful resource for generating your daily writing motivation. The tool motivates you to write 750 words daily. You can also monitor your daily writing speed with the help of a statistic tool.
  • Focus Writer: This app helps you in maintaining your daily concentration. For a start, it provides you with a merely blank page. This app can be handy in providing daily writing motivation.
  • Write Monkey: This app creates a virtual environment for you with no distraction. You can also set a timer or deadline for completing writing tasks.
  • Calmly Writer: This app only shows the current user paragraph while writing a new essay. You can benefit a lot from the app as it encourages the writer to maintain its focus.
  • Reedsy Book Editor: This app automatically formats the book as the user writes it. It is a time-saving app for writers.

Create A Story Structure

The novel writing is about developing a story structure and a central theme. You can alter the novel essay for changing the perception of the readers. ‘Fichtean Curve’, ‘Seven-Point Story’, and ‘In Media Res’ are some of the story structures that you can follow.

How To Write A Fantasy Novel

How to write a fantasy novel can be quite challenging to some, as it requires the writer to use his imagination. The fantasy world is all about superheroes, monsters, dragons, inhumane creatures, and many others. The writers must therefore use the different components related to the theme of the novel for developing a plot.

You need to understand the interest of your audiences. The approach of the novel will be different for different audiences. For instance, if you are writing for kids, you need to use simple language. It helps the reader in quickly understanding the story. After identifying the audience, you need to develop a sales strategy as well, with the purpose of generating revenue.

Authentic Dialogue

You need to maintain authenticity in your dialogues. Each character has a unique style, motivations, and moods. As a writer, it is your responsibility to understand the different traits of every character. Keep the dialogues impressive and engaging in satisfying the interests of the audiences.


Once you have finished writing the novel, review all the characters along with the central theme. Make necessary changes in the novel if required. Check whether the plot, characters, and novel essay are synchronized with one another. Try to keep the content that draws the user’s attention engaging.

How To Write A Romance Novel

Check online resources and books about ‘how to write a romance novel’. The romance novels trigger human curiosity, ignite passion, and fill the human heart with love. New writers need to understand the different components existent in a romance level. Moreover, set rules at an initial stage so that it becomes easier for you to craft a good novel.

Create Compelling Characters

Romance novels require writers to create compelling characters. You need to engage the readers and create curiosity among the audiences. The chemistry between the characters needs to be healthy. Develop interesting backstories of all of your characters. It will maintain the user’s interest in the story.

Set Strong Scenes

The setting of the scene is significant in any romance novel. It will set the perfect stage for the characters. In a romance story, you need to define the backgrounds. Describe the specific traits of your characters in a logical manner. Be specifically related to the scenery, period, and sensory experience. It will draw the reader’s attention towards the story.

Character Development

As a writer, you can use romantic scenes for portraying character development. You need to create a balance between love scenes, action, and suspense scenes. You can set rules for describing a character and describing its traits. You can create a rough outline at first, and then you can describe in detail the different aspects associated with the character. Following a particular structure can be helpful for you in writing the novel.


You can check out the above steps for crafting your next novel. Everything has been explained clearly and concisely. Developing a plan and rough draft during the initial stages helps you in crafting a perfect story. The central theme and defining characters are also equally important.

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