Important Kayak Storage Ideas To Take Into Account

Storing kayaks can be a nightmare if you don’t have a specific place to store them. While most people find a garage most suitable, others store them outside or build them a storage shed. Whatever the model you choose to use, ensure your kayak is protected from horrible weather and theft.

Since they are big, they tend to occupy a lot of space and hence you should get creative with your storage methods. The floor provides the most suitable storage area, but even the walls and the ceilings of your garage will work just fine. Keep in mind to store any fabric components separately to avoid damages.

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Ceiling Rack

Ceiling racks are one of the most notable storage areas. The reason is they are out of the way. You will not have to move a ceiling rack to retrieve something else. Ensure it can support your kayak’s weight. Most ceiling racks can support up to 150 pounds and have padded arms 30 inches in length.

Wall-Mounted Rack

If you are still saving on floor space, wall-mounted racks will be the next best choice. They are accompanied by foam padding that guards against scrapes. This storage idea will save you space by hanging only 21 inches from the wall and supporting 125 pounds of weight.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks use the same principle as wall-mounted racks, but this method uses hooks instead of arms. They are 15 inches in length, and two hooks support one kayak up to a weight of 100 pounds. The wall hooks hold up boats with a width of 13 inches or less. Wall hooks can either be used indoors or outside.

Strap System Method

The strap system hangs from the ceiling, and instead of a rack attachment, the straps support the kayak in place. It also has rubber-coated hooks that hold the boat in place while preventing scratches. A safety lock mechanism avoids accidents by securing the kayak.

Folding Floor Stands

Foldable stands come in pairs, and the only thing you will need to do is place your boat on top. The stand is made from steel and has a rubber padding that prevents scratches to the bottom of the kayak. Since the stands are stationed on the floor, this method ensures your kayak is steady.

The advantage is that the stand does not require any assembly. When using them, you spread them apart to expose a large surface area to support your boat. When not in use, you fold them and keep them out of the way. They support up to 100 pounds of weight.

Kayak Wheel Cart Storage

Storage on wheels can be efficient and provide convenience should you wish to move your kayak around. Even though kayaks are not that heavy, their size might prove a challenge to move them around. Since the wheel cart stores one kayak above the other, it will save space. It comes with lockable wheels that will offer secure storage when you lock them.

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Kayak Storage Cover

The kayak covers can function wholly by themselves, or you can use them with any other method. For example, you can cover your kayak and store it on the ceiling or wall rack or store it on its own. The purpose of the cover is to protect the kayak from harsh weather, dust, and water damage. While this should not be a permanent solution, it gets the job done.

Kayak Storage Shed

If storing your kayak in your garage is not an option, a storage shed will work as well. You don’t have to hang it from the ceiling or mount it on the wall in the shed since you will have ample space. However, it is a good idea to cover your kayak to avoid fading if you place it by the window.

Free Standing Rack

A free-standing rack involves kayak storage neither on the wall, ceiling, nor directly on the floor. The free-standing rack functions as a rack on wheels, but you can anchor the feet permanently on the floor with this.

Why and How to Store Kayaks

One of the major reasons people store kayaks is to keep them safe. You invest in a kayak to have fun and not for someone else to come and steal. Keeping it away from thieves is a solid reason. The other reason is to avoid damage caused by weather, dust, or water.

It will help if you store your boats in secure areas to prevent accidents through falls or slip-ups. If your kayak is on the ceiling, ensure the racks or straps are strong enough to support the boat’s weight.

Types of Storage

  • Indoor storage
  • Outdoor storage

Differences between Indoors and Outdoors Storage Methods

Indoor storage is the best option when it comes to security, while when you store your kayak outside, someone can easily steal it. Indoor storage offers more protection from harsh weather than outdoor storage. Given that when you store your kayak inside, no rain droplets will reach it compared to outside, where harsh weather like rain or snow might damage it. Outdoor storage is not ideal for the long term and should be a temporary solution as you find ways to store your kayak inside.

Final Thoughts

Storing a kayak is easy as long as you have some space that you can use. Whether you use the ceiling or the walls to store your kayak, the goal is to make sure it is secure. You can buy any of the above storage methods and tools to make your kayak last quite a while.

One of the main reasons for correctly storing your fishing boat is to make sure it stays in good condition for long. Subsequently, to meet such conditions, you must provide great storage solutions.


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