Preventing Mold From Building Up In Your House During Winter

When winter approaches, most people focus on getting warm clothes and overlook issues that are likely to arise, such as mold growth. The rain and snow can quickly make moisture to get trapped inside houses. Nobody enjoys opening windows when it is freezing outdoors. This, in turn, leads to minimal air circulation.

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Though many people use furnaces to warm their homes during the cold season, this leads to condensation, which encourages the growth of mold spores. During winter, the likelihood of mold growing into your home is high. You should take specific measures to prevent this, since mold can lead to numerous health problems. Preventing your home from mold growth can also save you from costly repairs if you are a homeowner. Therefore, start by doing the following:

Ensure that the humidity is below 45%

One of the effective ways you can prevent your home from mold growth is by monitoring humidity. You should always make sure that the humidity levels are less than 45%. You should consider placing a dehumidifier in a high humid area like the basement. A dehumidifier can minimize the moisture inside the home to discourage the growth of mold. During shopping, you should look for one that features digital readings so that you can closely monitor the humidity in your home.

Inspect your home for leaks

You can prevent any excess moisture from getting into your home by eliminating any leaks within the building, Most of the areas that often experience leaks include doorways and windows. You should also check the plumbing system since this also tends to cause the excess build-up of moisture in the home.

Go through your bathroom and kitchen sinks to confirm that there are no leaks. If you leave such leaks unattended, you can easily encourage the growth of mold. Consider fixing it immediately with the help of an expert.

Let the ceiling fans turn clockwise

During summer, the ceiling fans should turn counterclockwise. You should adjust this as the cold months approach. When ceiling fans turn clockwise during the winter, they can easily pull cold air up and warm air downward. This will warm your home and help you save on utility bills. Such fans can easily move fresh air around your home, thus preventing the build-up of condensation. By setting the ceiling fans clockwise, you can reduce the chances of mold from growing in the home.

Make use of exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen

The kitchen and bathroom are the areas where water is mostly used in a home. When you cook or bath during winter, you should use exhaust fans in these rooms to prevent mold growth. Every time you take a steamy shower or boil water in such rooms, moisture increases. Using an exhaust fan can minimize condensation formation in the kitchen and bathroom. You should also consider leaving the exhaust fan on for a few minutes in these rooms after you are done with such activities.

Consider replacing the windows

Before the winter begins, you should do proper preparations. For instance, you can replace your current windows with energy-efficient ones. Mold tends to grow on the dust or paint of windowsills. To prevent this, you can paint your windowsills with some gloss paint. This not only protects them from the mold but also makes the cleaning process a breeze.

Take care of the entryways

During the cold weather, you should be keen on the entrance to your home. Ensure that there is no stagnant water at the doorstep. Though water from people’s shoes tends to evaporate with time, it can increase the humidity leading to mold growth. Instead of leaving some wet rugs on the doorstep, hang them outdoors to encourage proper air circulation.

If you already have a mold situation in your house, you should get rid of it before the winter kicks in since it can easily worsen. Feel free to contact experts who offer Mold inspection New York services to help you out. They can prevent mold in your home from spreading fast so that you can minimize the chances of getting ill during the cold weather.

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