Recertification During The Pandemic: Tips To Ease Your Life

The recertification process during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a hassle for many professionals. It is one that needs to be taken seriously and it can affect your employment status if you are not recertified on time. Here’s how to recertify more easily in this situation!

Test yourself

You have to get tested before recertifying, so recertify at the first possible opportunity. If you have just been exposed to the COVID-19 virus and need to recertify quickly during the pandemic, get tested before submitting your paperwork.

Recertifying will make both your life and the doctors’ more easily during these times. Image source:

If it is not clear what kind of infection you contracted from those around you or if more than one type was present in the environment where the exposure took place, be sure to list all types on your diagnosis form when recertifying. The most common way people contract the virus is through direct contact with bodily fluids such as saliva (spitting) or nasal secretions (noisy sniffles). Exposure can also occur by touching surfaces that contain these fluids, such as a doorknob or toilet seat.

How to find your nearest testing site

Test sites can be found by going to the pandemic website, or if you are using your phone, search for “pandemic test near me”. It’s important not to travel too much if you are at risk of a pandemic, so your best bet is to find the nearest test site. Make sure to get there and get a negative test, and only then go for your recertification.

Get recertification online

Getting recertified online is a very good idea during the pandemic. It will take less time and out-of-town recertification sites have been shut down to limit the spread of COVID-19 so recertifying online is your best option if you are looking for recertification in order to continue working or caring for others at home.

Online recertifications can be processed quickly, usually within 48 hours. It’s also easy as there’s no need to make an appointment with anyone. You just log on at any time of the day or night and complete your recertification online! It’s the best way to do these things in times like these, and you can even do online ACLS renewal if you need. There are paper forms available as well but it may take up to two weeks depending on how hard they are trying to get people recertified.

There are also educational videos available on how to recertify online so you don’t have any worries about the process when recertifying online during the pandemic! If you’re looking for more information on recertifications, please visit sites that specialize in these things.

Get vaccinated

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is the first step in protecting yourself from the coronavirus. The vaccine will provide lifelong immunity to it and protect you. It protects not only your health, but also others around you who lack protection or are unable to get vaccinated themselves.

After this, you can visit the institutions where you need to get recertified because it will be a lot safer to go out. Make sure that the suggested time passes before you go through because the vaccine does not have immediate effect. After that, filling out forms for recertification will be much simpler and you will be able to do it live.

Wear a mask

Wearing a mask may seem like a hassle, but it is necessary to get recertified. If you do not wear one during COVID-19 pandemic season (typically January-April), you will be required to take an online test and pass before your next certification expires.

You can find masks in most pharmacies or grocery stores near the pharmacy section. Most of these masks are disposable, so once they become too dirty from use, just throw them away (in the nearest thrash bin, that is)! Keeping a mask on while at work should be easy enough for those who have been asked by their employer to wear one. You may also want to bring extra ones with you if you’re waiting around outside all day long. Think of how many germs there might be out there! This especially goes for those who work in the healthcare industry.

Masks are also great if you have COVID-19 symptoms (such as a cough, sore throat, or runny nose) but cannot take COVID-19 medication because of pregnancy or other medical reasons. This can help prevent others from getting COVID-19 too! If your mask is dripping with secretions and becomes ineffective, it’s time to get rid of it and grab yourself another one!

Even if the situation with the pandemic is relatively good now, you still have to be careful. You still must be recertified so the safest thing to do is through the online channels. If not, make sure to get vaccinated and wear a mask, and always try to find the nearest place to get the business done. This way you’ll be much safer and others will be too, which also means your family will be safe too.

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