Rules For Writing Scientific Papers About Art

A research paper about art can be challenging because art is a visual medium. Visual observation is very important in the field of art. But writing scientific research papers requires far more than just visual observation of an object of art. To write a scientific research paper, you will need to do research, organize information and analyze it to answer a specific question. You may have to come up with your own question or answer one that’s given to you. Here are some rules you will need to follow when writing a scientific paper about art.

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Determine the purpose of the paper

When you’re a student at university getting an education, the papers you have to write all have a specific purpose. You need to be very clear about the purpose of every paper you write. The most common type of paper you will write in an introductory art course is a close visual analysis of an artwork. You will look carefully at the artwork and then describe and analyze it. What you observe will support your conclusions.

Another type of paper you will have to write during your art studies is a research paper. To write a research paper about art, you need to take a scientific approach. You may need to do some extensive library research to gather information for your paper. For example, you may have to explore the period of history in which an artwork was created to place it in context and support your argument.

Learn from essay samples online

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Start doing your research

When you look carefully at the topic of the research paper, you can identify what you need to research. Taking an organized approach to research is important so you can go straight to the most relevant sources. The sources you choose to use will depend on the type of essay you need to write. For an argumentative essay, you may choose sources that contradict or support your argument.

Using your online college library will give you access to the books and documents you need, such as academic journals. When you read peer-reviewed journals, you need to think about the purpose of the paper and the main argument. Observe how the authors structure their research and what they include in their introductions and conclusions. This helps you to understand how to write your own essay.

As you gather information, you can start thinking about how to organize it. It is also very important to keep track of your sources of information. If you don’t do this, it will be difficult to avoid plagiarism.

There is software you can use to help you with citing your sources. The most commonly used citation styles for Art History are the Chicago Manual of Style or Modern Language Association (MLA). You will need to find out what style you need to use for your specific research paper. You can consult your teachers or find help online to avoid making any mistakes on this part.

Create an outline

Creating an outline for your research paper will help you to write your first draft. In your outline, you will have various sub-headings.

Under each sub-heading, you will probably have several paragraphs. Identify each paragraph with a clear topic sentence. You will only deal with one point per paragraph.

The sub-headings and paragraphs should flow logically from one to another. For example, discussing the influences during the Renaissance on Michelangelo’s art would logically come before a detailed description of his statue of David.

Write your first draft

When writing your first draft, the idea is to get your thoughts on paper by using your outline as a guide. The outline can help you to stay on track and avoid including unnecessary material. It is easier to start with the body of your paper and write the introduction and conclusion later.

Your introduction has to present what your essay will be about in a way that makes the reader want to find out more. Your conclusion is drawn from your argument and how it answers the research question.

Clear descriptions are vital in a well-written art research paper. You need to create a clear picture of works of art for the reader and analyze why the details are representative of the era in which it was created. For this, you will need a good understanding of both the work and the period of history.

Proofread and edit

You need to leave enough time for proofreading and editing your research. Refining your first draft can be a long process. You may find you need to move paragraphs around to make the flow more logical, cut out unnecessary sentences, and much more.

Reading your essay out loud is a good way to identify sentences that are too complex or clumsy. Giving your essay to someone else to read is also a good idea as it is easy to miss your own errors.

Your bibliography comes last, and it should contain all the resources you used in writing your research paper.

Writing an accurate abstract is usually your last step. This will state in just one of two paragraphs your main points and conclusion.


Art is a visual medium that evokes an emotional reaction. This is why writing a scientific paper about art can be challenging. It is important to convey to readers the emotions the art creates but to present an argument that answers a specific question in a scientific way. This means doing research, gathering information, analyzing it and presenting it in a structured, logical way.

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