Learn How To Bake Authentic Viking-Style Bread (Recipe)

If you ever wandered what was the menu in the Viking Age and what it comprised, then you came to the right place! This article is part of a series on the Viking cuisine and will focus on teaching you how to bake an authentic Viking Age bread. Before the recipe is given however, perhaps you’d be more interested in some aspects of the Norse culinary style in general.

First off, it should be mentioned that, contrary to a popular belief, the menu of the Norsemen did not solely consist of fish or pork, but also included a wide range of vegetables, spices and other raw materials. In fact, the Norse cuisine is all about getting down to basics, as during the early Middle Ages the Vikings used many raw materials for cooking, and most of the recipes that date back to those times were made according to the needs for each season.

Viking style bread. Image source: www.youtube.com

Viking style bread. Image source: www.youtube.com

While a wide range of treats consisting of fish and pork were cooked during the Viking Age, the Norsemen also liked risotto and cabbage salad. Cereals and fruits were also part of many recipes. Needless to mention that mead came in just handy for most of the meat dishes.

Going back to the bread though, the ingredients for the recipe are as follows:

  • barley flour (150 g);
  • wholemeal flour (50 g);
  • crushed flax seeds (2 tsp);
  • salt (one tsp.);
  • water (100 ml);
  • lard/butter (2 tsp) — you can choose between lard or butter.

Source for the ingredients above: an analysis on the Viking Age bread found in Birka, Sweden

Below you can also watch a short video on youtube on how to bake a Viking-styled bread from Archaeosoup Productions:

Documentation sources and external links:

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5 Responses to Learn How To Bake Authentic Viking-Style Bread (Recipe)

  1. Chris M. says:

    What do you mean by “the Norsemen also liked risotto”?
    Did the Vikings know rice already?

  2. Kary Loraas says:

    I just made this bread, I only let the dough sit about 20 to 25 minutes. I cooked mine in a lightly oiled pan, and let the outter crust burn slightly. It turned out great with the crust slightly burned. Next batch I will try it with a little bit more of butter instead of lard. I figure the butter will add a little different taste to it. Skål !

  3. Doug Tredell says:

    This picture isn’t appetizing at all. I made mine flatter like a pita and broiled it on both sides in the oven. It is browned and tastes wonderful!

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