3 Handy And Creative Wood Projects You Can Do Yourself (DIY)

Woodworking is a very satisfying and rewarding hobby. If you are already involved in such an activity, then you probably already know the benefits of woodworking and how to shape wood. And if you are a newbie who is thinking of adopting woodworking as a new hobby, you are making one of the wisest decisions of your life. Woodworking not only provides mental and physical benefits; it can also help you earn money. 

Wooden plank. Image source: www.pixabay.com

You can sell the item from the wood or you can also start working on DIY (i.e. ‘do it yourself’) woodworking projects to renovate old things. Here are some of the best do-it-yourself projects that you can make at home. You can give these to your loved ones or you can put them in your online store as well.

Charging station

You can make a charging station for your mobile phone from a wooden plank. You will need a router, scraper, saw, and sandpaper. Take the measurements of the cell phone on a scraper for the station you want to make. 

Make a router section in the center. Mark the area for the charger cord and make a hole with the help of the drill. Afterwards, cut the wood into the desired shape. Use the sandpaper to make the edges soft. A charging station is ready to use and it’s nature-friendly as well. 

Shadow boxes

Is there anyone who doesn’t love decorating their place? Making shadow boxes for beautifying your walls is a very minimalistic approach to improve your space. You can place decorative items, books, or indoor plants in these boxes as well. 

You will need wood, nails, saw, paints, measuring tape, brush, and sander. Cut the wooden plank in the desired measurements (depending upon the width and length of the box you want to make). Then, rub the sandpaper on the edges of the wood to smoothen it. Arrange them in the shape of a box or triangle and join them together with nails. You can paint these boxes in any colour of your choice.

Beads necklace

Ladies love to wear unique bracelets and necklaces made up of natural things. You can make small bracelets and necklaces with wood, you just have to be imaginative. Just cut the wood in the shape of small square-shaped boxes and then mold them into a round shape to make wooden beads. Use sandpaper to polish the beads. You can paint them in solid colours or apply paint techniques for a more creative touch. You can also make various other items of jewelry made from wood.

Besides these projects, you can make candle holders, side tables, plant holders, keychains, and photo frames as well. You can take help from online forums like woodworking talk, lumber jocks, and YouTube tutorials if you are facing any difficulty in making woodworking projects. You can also check out this review of Ted’s Woodworking if you want some woodworking guidelines. But while searching for online woodworking sources, always read reviews and beware of the scammers. Like with any other product, you must consider some aspects before spending your money on any of these plans.

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