7 Snow Removal Tips You Should Definitely Know For This Winter

Winter is one of the best seasons of the year when the snow helps exhume the natural beauty of the landscape. We all love spending time outdoors playing games such as skiing and watching children build castles. However, you cannot ignore the fact that the snow does have a negative impact on our lives especially when it covers driveways and other access points.

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No need to worry though, you can use a cordless snow blower to get rid of it. Here are six snow removal tips that you can apply to gain access to your driveway and other outdoor spaces covered by snow.

Plan to Spend Several Hours Removing the Snow

There are companies that offer snow removal services to businesses and homeowners. You can save hundreds of dollars that you would have spent on the service by scheduling to remove the snow yourself. Depending on the duration of the snowfall, you can plan to shovel every two or three hours. Besides, this is a physical activity that will help you stay fit and healthy during this cold season.

Cooking Spray Can Do the Trick

Wet snow is not easy to shovel especially if it has been snowing for more than five hours. Apply a generous amount of cooking spray on your shovel then get to work. The spray will enable the shovel to cut through the layers of snow quickly and prevent it from sticking on the surface. Be sure to wipe the shovel dry before storing to keep it upbeat.

Melt the Ice

If you are on a tight schedule and don’t have enough time to shovel, you can melt the ice away around the specific areas that you want to access such as the driveway and front steps. Make a solution of one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, one teaspoon of the normal dish soap and half a gallon of water. Mix all three ingredients in a bucket and pour it over the ice to melt it.

Covered Exposed Spaces with a Plastic Tarp

Sure, a shovel and snow blower can help you get the work done effectively, but if you don’t have the two what do you do? A simple trick that homeowners have been using for decades is covering the access areas that are covered with snow with a plastic tarp just before the snow falls. Once the flurries stop, pull the tarp away to clear the path, simple right?

Use a Cordless Snow Blower

Thanks to technological advancement, the modern cordless snow blower is more efficient, user-friendly, and environmentally friendly. Purchase one online or from one of the local stores and use it for snow removal. With the many options in the market, finding the right one can be an uphill task. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best cordless snow blowers on the market to help you make the right decision.

Make sure that you compare and contrast not only the prices but also the features and durability. Customers have in the past purchased this product can also point you in the right direction. More importantly, read the user’s manual to understand how the blower works to get utmost utility from it.

Use a Snow Removal Must

Snow removal must was widely used by homeowners decades ago before the invention of the snow blower. One of the downsides of using it is that it hurts the back and often results in other injuries. However, there are modern snow removal musts that are designed for comfort, they have three handles, one is meant for pushing the snow while the other two help lift it off the ground. There is also a foot rest that you can use to exert pressure as you shovel to break down the packed ice and pick it up.

Use a Leaf Blower

The leaf blower is not only designed to keep your landscape tidy, you can use it to blow away light fluffy snow off your driveway and sidewalks. However, if the snow is packed up, you will need to use a cordless snow blower or a snow removal must.


The above snow removal tips will help you regain access to your sideways and other outdoor spaces during winter without spending a fortune. Make sure that you wear gloves and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when using the cordless snow blower to avoid any injuries.

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