Four Tips To Help You Prepare For College Life

The move from school to college may feel like an enormous change. You are no longer studying subjects that don’t interest you, instead specialising in areas that pique your interest. Uniforms are a thing of the past and you have free periods instead of the all-day lessons you’re used to. The next step-up – university or work – is edging closer. You will feel a mix of emotions in the build-up to starting college. This is perfectly normal. New experiences can cause feelings of excitement, nervousness, and uncertainty. These four tips will help make sure you are fully prepared for college life.

Get ready for college life! Image source: Pixabay

Have the Right Equipment

Depending on the courses you are studying, there may be a long list of items you need before starting your course. If you have chosen English Literature, there will be a reading list, or if you’ve opted for art there are resources you will need. There are some items you will need regardless of your subject specialism. Restock your pencil case with pens, pencils, a sharpener and an eraser and invest in a set of highlighter pens – ideal for making key points stand out on a page of information. Invest in a Lenovo tablet for college, perfect for note taking and writing your assignments. Make sure you have a strong bag for transporting your work and belongings back and forth between college and home.

Be Prepared for the Workload

The college workload can take people by surprise, so be prepared that even if you don’t have many timetabled lessons there will be expectations that you work in your own time. Be ready for this right from the start – you don’t want to fall behind.

Manage Your Time

The increase in workload can feel overwhelming, so learning how to manage your time is a skill worth mastering. Use a calendar to log your classes and any extracurricular commitments to ensure you don’t miss any. There is more independent study required at college than at school, so block out time each day to complete any homework or required reading. Make sure you have time to socialise and relax away from college – this balance will help with long-term productivity and help you avoid getting burned out.

Get Into a Routine

Having a daily routine will ensure you make the most of your college experience. Set yourself a regular time to go to bed (even on weekends) to regulate your body rhythms. Prioritise having regular, balanced meals, and don’t be tempted to skip breakfast – it is the best start of the day and will help you remain focused. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and make time to exercise – not only will it help you feel good by releasing endorphins, but it will also help you have a better night’s sleep.

Starting college is an exciting time, so enjoy the new experience, work your hardest and know that you are setting yourself up for a bright future. Have fun – adventure awaits!

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